Thinking About Divorce

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a better life sans spouse? Shiny and new and all of your dreams come true? (mostly because your spouse is no longer there) However you envision your split from your partner will go, just remember this; it will be different than you had thought. This can be good or bad, depending on your daydream of course, but false expectations can lead to serious letdowns and headaches.

Focus on what is truly important here. If you have children, put their needs first. Make a list of what you need to start a new life. Not want; need. What can you live with? What do you need and deserve? Do not let your spouse frighten you into not asking for what you truly need. My best advice is to never react out of anger. Give it some time. Think on it. Sleep on it. Because no matter what circumstances you are dealing with now, things will never be the same again after that petition is signed.

Maybe you got lucky and divorced your spouse, only to become an incredible co-parenting duo who have remained friends. If so, that is really wonderful. For those of us who were not so lucky, and are dealing with a difficult ex while trying to co parent and live on a serious budget…you have come to the right place. You are not alone. There are millions of us out there. Why is divorce a subject that makes people uncomfortable? It is all around us. So many of us dealing with divorce and all that comes with it, and so few coming together for love and support. Divorce is really hard. There I said it. It is really tough. There is life after divorce. Maybe it is not what you had imagined for yourself, but who is to say that is bad? Maybe life had an alternate and better plan for you and you took a detour. I have learned that one will never be happy if not able to truly be themselves. Do not change. Be better. Hugs


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