Quickly Repair A Torn Couch

Don’t have enough cash to buy a new, rip-free couch? Make your old one last by repairing it yourself. Kids can really fizzle out the lifespan of your comfy couch. Any loose threads, trim with scissors to prevent any more fraying or tearing. The idea here is to save you money and give yourself time to save for a new one down the road. If you have tears in the fabric of the couch, there is a way to patch the tears and it is quite easy.

  • Purchase fabric glue or a glue that specifically states it can be used on fabric. I found mine at a local hardware store for about $4.
  • Find an old t-shirt that you do not mind cutting up.Cut a piece of the shirt to fit the length and width of the tear in your couch (leave an excess of a half an inch all the way around)
  • Place the t-shirt fabric inside the tear so that it is evenly distributed under the tear.
  • Apply the fabric glue onto the t-shirt fabric (not too much), covering the fabric well.


  • Lightly apply pressure to the tear allowing the glue and fabric to create a patch. Dry for several hours to ensure the patch is able to withstand kids’ cartwheels.

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